Cierny Hron Railway:

There is the Black Hron Railway located next to the guesthouse. Planning for the railway began in 1898 and building began in 1908. In 1909 regular wood transport on the railway started, between Čierny Balog and Hronec. The network was extended to transport wood from the forests and by the middle of the 20th century the railway had a total length of 131,97 km, the most extensive forestry railway network in Czechoslovakia.
The railway was closed in 1982, but it has been granted national heritage status since. During the following few years it was repaired by enthusiasts and re-opened in 1992 as a heritage railway for tourists. The line is now 17 km long: Chvatimech - Hronec - Čierny Balog - Vydrovo.
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Forestry Open-Air Museum:

Living museum that tells about forest and work of foresters. Founded in 2002 in Vydrovo Valley in Čierny Balog. The core of the museum is a 3,3km long path with as many as 64 stops telling the history of forest, its vitalizing functions, harmony and beauty as well as the those of foresters protecting and wisely using the forests. Each stop consist of real and fully dimensional objects with information boards also in English thus making the museum and attractive place for adults as well as children, for general as well as professional public. Except its educational function it is also a place of relax and fun. Part of the museum is Čiernohronská železnica that takes visitors right to the entrance.
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Dobroc Virgin forest:

The National Nature Reserve - Dobroč Virgin Forest designated in 1913 is one of the oldest protected areas in Slovakia. It was designated to preserve a remnant primeval woodland that has survived to this day in it´s unaltered form. Most parts of the wood were destroyed in the period of mining industry development (16th - 17th century). Spruce trees were used as pit props for mining passages, while beeches were used for charcoal production to blast iron furnaces (e.g. at Tri vody near Osrblie). Tree planting started at the end of the 18th century, due to Dobroč´s native Jozef Dekret Matejovie who became a chief forester of Banská Bystrica district. Unfortunately, the planting had been undertaken with no regards to the original species composition and therefore the presents woods in the area consist mainly of spruce, which is not very resistant to wind, snow or insect infestation.
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Jasna, Ski area

The largest ski area in Slovaia, Jasna, is only about 30 minutes driving away. The Jasná area resorts have a total of more than 40 lifts on all sides of the Chopok Mountain. The resort Jasná Low Tatras, is said to be the largest ski area in Slovakia, with eightchair lifts and four cable cars. It has 49 km (30 mi) of piste, back bowl, a 6 km (3.7 mi) home-run, a brand new revamped terrain park, a great deal of off-piste (12 freeride zones), night skiing, and lots of tree runs. Jasná-Chopok is also a large resort with 41 trails covering 49 skiable kilometers of trails.
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